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Countdown to 2009 - Madison Regatta  July 4, 2009

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Region 10    

Doug Martin S-33, Sammamish 2006

Seafair 2009


David Bryant U-10, SeaFair 2008

Tacoma Inboard        

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U.L.H.R.A.   2009 Lake Lawrence Tastin' N Racin'
S.B.I.   2008 Spring Testing Lake Lawrence
Crackerbox Racing     Black Lake U4 - American Maid
R/C Unlimiteds        
    2007 Lake Lawrence Tri-Cities Unlimited
American  Hydroplane    

Spanaway - Spring

SeaFair Unlimited



San Diego Unlimited

Roll Cage Design 101    



Spanaway - Fall

VIDEO 1        
    2006 Lake Lawrence Moses Lake
      Lake Sammamish  
2005 Tastin' & Racin' SeaFair
  Black Lake Silverdale
  Pateros Spanaway Fall
  If you are a Hydro-racer permission for personal use may be assumed.  Any publication or reproduction for public display, I request written acknowledgement and source to be on the print border.  Thank you.

The Course Alarm System (CAS) is  currently finalizing testing by ULHRA.  The system was successfully ran in the UL72 in 2008 and will be tested in a magneto'd UL in 2009.

  Digital Roostertails, "2008 APBA Region 10 Inboard Hydroplanes", the new soft cover book by Chris Denslow, is a definite "must have" for your collection.  Chris has put together an impressive photographic representation of Region 10 hydroplane racing in 2008.  For more information and to purchase this book follow the link.

Digital Roostertails

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Throttle Body Mod 1-A

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2001 Chevy Prizm Mod